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We consider Industrial applications as those requiring measuring temperature.  They may include single point measurements as well as temperature measurements over an entire image.

Thermal data may be used to control manufacturing processes or to evaluate electrical/electronic designs for potential reliability problems. Thermal measurements can be useful in predictive maintenance where elevated temperatures can be early indicators of future problems.

Application areas include:


  • Thermal management in electronic product design.
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Component thermal performance
    • Passive components- Resistors, Capacitors, Relays, etc.
    • IC packaging
    • Hybrid circuits
  • Enclosure cooling effectiveness


  • Manufacturing test
  • Quality Control
  • Troubleshooting
  • Process Control

Predictive Maintenance/Monitoring

  • Monitoring equipment for thermal indicators of potential failures.
    • Machinery- bearings, wiring, etc.
    • Electrical distribution panel
    • Pump

Articles on Industrial Thermal Imaging


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