Meditherm 520 Temperature Monitoring Station

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Please select from one of the links below for specific help topics. This page is still under construction, so visit it again later if you do not find what you are looking for.

Additional tips and operating suggestions: A greatly expanded version of Chapter 4 of the User Guide contains several useful operating instructions and suggestions.  Please click the link in the next line to view or download User Guide Ver. 1.8 .

Updated Version of the User Guide: Click here for User Guide Ver. 1.8

Arabic language version of User Guide:  Click here for Arabic User Guide Ver. 1.6

Important Update to Temperature Monitoring Station software.  If your distribution disk is Version 3.04 or higher, ignore this update.  Please click here to download the installer for the update to Version 3.04.  If you have not already installed the software from a distribution disk, use this version of “Install_Compix_5221.exe” in place of the one on the distribution disk.  If you have a previous version installed, double-click the downloaded “Install_Compix_5221.exe” and your software will be updated.

If you are installing the application on a new computer you will also need the hardware driver files and some auxiliary files.  Click here to download and then unzip this file.  The drivers in this file support Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit).

Technical Details: Use this installer in place of any installer with a modified date of 8/17/2009 or earlier.  For verification, if you wish, the result of this update will be to install “c:\Program Files\Compix 5221\5221.exe” Version, and “c:\Windows\system32\Compix222.dll” Version



Addition of an Appendix to the User Guide describing how to customize the operating screen for different languages.

Minor refinements to the User Guide.  Suggestions welcome.

Check back from time to time for software updates or other important changes or additions.


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STATUS: At 10:00 PM GMT, Wednesday May 6, 2009 this web page is working, and still under construction.

Recent changes: 

At 10:00 PM GMT, Wednesday May 6, 2009  User Guide Ver 1.5 in .pdf form replaces ver 1.4 in .htm form

At 2:00 AM GMT, Thursday May 7, 2009 a link was added to download the installer for software update 3.03

At 8:00 PM GMT, Friday May 8, 2009 the User Guide .pdf was updated with major additions to Chapter 4 - Operating instructions.

At 10:00 PM GMT, Wednesday Nov. 11, 2009 the User Guide .pdf was updated  to ver 1.8 which has general refinements & corrections.  The Software download was updated to version 3.04 and the link for downloading drivers and auxiliary files was added.

At 10:00 PM GMT, Wednesday Jan. 6, 2010 the Arabic version of the User Guide was added.