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Meditherm 520
Temperature Screening Station

Stable Temperature Screening

The Meditherm 520 is a complete temperature screening system. The system monitors temperatures, displays thermal images and gives an alarm when a temperature exceeds the chosen threshold.  The temperature alarm threshold can be set to automatic mode or manual mode to accomodate the operator's preference. The camera operates at realtime update rates, and displays images in color on a flat panel display. Temperature resolution is <0.25°C. The camera is compact and rugged, and the system is designed to operate 24/7. If needed, a weatherproof option is available. The easy-to-use interface assures non-technical users can successfully operate the system.


  • Realtime screening means no need for queues.
  • Simple user interface allows anyone to quickly become proficient at operating the system.
  • Visible and audible alarms permit fast identification of alarm sources.
  • Stable calibration over ambient temperature changes ensures excellent measurement repeatability.
  • User can configure software as desired through a password protected graphical interface.
  • Alarm threshold can be adjusted manually or automatically.

View 520 demonstration videoclick image above to play demonstration video


  • Fever screening
  • Temperature screening
  • Threshold detection
  • Alarm applications

Technical Specifications1:

Imaging Performance
Temperature range 10º C to 50º C (50º F to 122º F)
Measurement accuracy 1.2%
Stability (after 1 minute warm-up) < 0.3º C drift over the temperature range 18º C to 30º C
(< 0.5º F drift over the temperature range 64º F to 86º F)
Ambient correction Automatic
Focal Plane Array Amorphous Silicon microbolometer


520 standard resolution:  160 x 120 Interpolated to 320 x 240
520 high resolution: 320 x 240

Spectral Response 7-14 microns
Thermal Sensitivity 0.1º C @ 30º C (0.2º F @ 86º F)
Dynamic range 16 bit
Displayed image 8 bit
Display color Select from 5 colormaps provided, or create a custom colormap.
ISO band display Automatically set to selected threshold temperature.
Power Source 95-225 VAC, 45-65 Hz
AC to DC adapter (included) 3 Watts minimum continuous, 1 Ampere for a short time at start-up.  5VDC for 520 standard resolution camera, 12VDC for 520 high resolution camera.
Personal Computer Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8, an available USB port.
Environmental characteristics
Operating Temperature 0º C to 60º C (32º F to 140º F)
Storage temperature -40º C to 80º C (-40º F to 176º F)
Physical characteristics
Enclosure EMI shielded

Overall dimensions (HxWxD)

IRIS package: 26cm x 31cm x 13cm (10.2" x 12.2" x 5.1")
Compact package: 12cm x 19cm x 14cm (4.7" x 7.5" x 5.5")

Weight of camera 1.7kg (3.7 lbs)
Weight IRIS package: 1.8kg (4.6 lbs)   Compact package: 1.7kg (3.7 lbs)
Recommended interval 1 years
Field of view (H x V)

520 standard resolution:  11º x 8º,  17º x 12º,  25º x 18º
520 high resolution:   6º x 4.5º, 12º x 9º, 25º x 19º 

Focus manual, 1m to infinity (39" to infinity)
Standard Accessories
Computer Desktop or laptop or mini tower personal computer (PC).
Display Laptop or 15" flat panel touch-screen LCD.
Software Full featured with threshold detection, data logging, camera control.
Cables All necessary cables are supplied with the system.
Camera stand Roll-about stand included.

1 All specifications subject to change without notice.
2 Camera requirements only, does not include computer or monitor.

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