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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is there any information on the PC2000, other than this page, which I can access online?
A: Yes, more information can be accessed from here.
Q: How do I turn the camera on?
A: Rock the power switch of the camera to computer interface module to the 'on' position (1). An illuminated red LED indicates power is connected and turned on. Camera cable and USB cable must be connected as well.
Q: How do I turn the camera off?
A: Rock the power switch of the camera to computer interface module to the 'off' position (0). The red power LED will not be illuminated when power is off.
Q: What side/end of the camera should face the subject being imaged?
A: The front of the camera which has the 4" x 4" opening in the bezel. Before imaging, make sure the bezel cover and mirror support foam have been removed.
Q: What kind of warranty comes with this product?
A: One year parts and labor.
Q: Why is my image blurry?
A: You may need to focus the camera.  Learn how to use the focus knob here
Q: My computer is not communicating with the PC2000 USB.  How do I fix this?
A: You may need to install the USB hardware drivers on your computer. 
Q: How often does my camera need to be re-calibrated?
A: Check the calibration page for more details.

Issues, Remedies, Etc.:

PC2000 USB drivers are not registered with Microsoft®.

PC2000/e systems may require printer port setting to be adjusted for proper use. 

Use WinTESCheck diagnostics software if the camera fails to initialize or system testing is to be performed.

Please contact our Tech Support Department with any problems.

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